Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hayes Island Snack Bar refurbishment

No sooner had I listed The Hayes Island Snack Bar on my Top 10 independent snackbars (it's a Cardiff institution that scores highly on bringing character to the city) than the shutters were put up. There has been some online speculation about whether the snackbar has permanently closed. However, a spokesman from First Cafes, who own the snackbar, reassurred me this afternoon that The Hayes Island Snack Bar was merely being refurbished.

The building itself dates from 1911 and a cafe has operated from it for the past sixty years. This is the first refurbishment since the one in 2000, and it had been scheduled for some time - to take place after St David's 2 had been completed. Today, the Grade 2 listed building was being inspected prior to work being done.

The snack bar is due to re-open in the second week of April. Most of the refurbishment will be to the kitchen area. The coffee machines will be upgraded (to supply all the lattes and so forth) and more refrigerators are being installed. The building will also get a coat of paint. 

A Posh Burgers van, operated by First Cafes, is currently operating outside the snackbar. This will keep the staff in employment and it provides a continuity of service.

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