Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Keef's Bangers and Mash

What a great book ‘Life’ by Keith Richards is - the definitive rock and roll autobiography.

Keith likes “basic English nosh” and cooks for himself at home. On page 525 he gives his recipe for Bangers and Mash. His top tip is that sausages should be put into a cold pan to start them cooking (less chance of them exploding).

His recipe involves finding a butcher selling fresh sausages; frying up onions and bacon and seasoning; putting spuds to boil with a dash of vinegar, chopped onion and salt (and some peas and carrot if you wish); grilling or broiling bangers, with onions and bacon if in the pan, turning every few minutes; “mash yer spuds and whatever”; gravy if desired; and HP sauce.

At a party once, someone took the spring onions he was going to chop onto his mash. There was hell to pay.

On The Rolling Stones more recent tours, Richards has had a Shepherd’s Pie delivered to his dressing room before shows. Only he is allowed to break the crust.

His home-made Shepherd’s Pie tip is to put extra chopped onions on top of the cooked meat and vegetable mix, before the mashed potato topping is spread on, just before it’s put into the oven.

In her Complete Cookery Course, the Queen of English Nosh Delia Smith only gets as far as a vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. A complete nonsense, as I am sure Keith would agree!

Keith Richards, with James Fox, Life (2010), Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

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