Friday, 4 March 2011

I am an omnivore

I am omnivorous. I’ll eat anything, me. Others are pickier about their food. They say you are what you eat, so here are some terms that define one by diet.

Best to say these words out loud, slowly rolling them around your mouth, to fully savour them.

Baccivorous (feeding on berries)

Canivorous (dogs)

Carnivorous (meat, flesh)

Equivorous (horse flesh)

Frondivorous (leaves)

Fructivorous (fruit)

Gallinivorous (poultry)

Granivorous (seeds, grain)

Herbivorous (plants)

Hominivorous (humans)

Lactivorous (milk)

Larvivorous (larvae)

Leguminivorous (beans and peas)

Lichenivorous (lichen)

Lignivorous (wood)

Mellivorous (honey)

Merdivorous (shit)

Nectarivorous (nectar)

Nucivorous (nuts)

Offivorous (offal)

Ornithivorous (birds)

Oryzivorous (rice)

Ossivorous (bones)

Panivorous (bread)

Pinivorous (pine kernel)

Piscivorous (fish)

Pomivorous (apples)

Ranivorous (frogs)

Sanguivorous (blood)

Source: Schott’s Food & Drink Miscellany, Ben Schott, Bloomsbury, 2003.

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