Monday, 7 March 2011

British Pie Week

It may have escaped your notice, but this week is British Pie Week (“one of civilisation’s greatest culinary inventions”). Every week seems to be devoted to some foodstuff these days, sponsored by a major manufacturer of said foodstuff (Jus Rol, General Mills Berwick Limited, in this case). It’s all good P.R.

So, what’s on offer during British Pie Week. Well, there’s the announcement of the British Pub Pie Awards (winner: The Queen’s Head Inn, Cumbria). Each day, there is a pie of the day; today’s being Blue Cow Pie (with pastry horns), something which will be lost on anyone who didn’t read Desperate Dan in The Beano when they were a child (yes, British Pie Week is one of the more bloke-orientated food promotion weeks). Then there’s plenty of delicious pie recipes (just remember to use Jus Rol flaky pastry instead of making your own) and handy tips on making pies at home.

I approve of British Pie Week, and will endeavor to make my own by the end of the week (watch this space!). In the meantime, here’s Heston Blumenthal’s take on the traditional pie.

Stephen Nottingham added on 10 March:
Here's my contribution to British Pie week: a family-sized home-made Chicken and Mushroom Pie (made with Jus Rol pastry!)

British Pie Week 2011

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