Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Flavour, Cardiff

Flavour Coffee Shop is the small, unpretentious, orange-themed sandwich bar on the corner of High Street and Castle Street in Cardiff.

The manager and his staff are very friendly and the service is good; it’s the sort of place regulars can ask for their “usual” baguette. Business is take-away, although there are three stools at a narrow window table with a good people-watching view directly across to the entrance of Cardiff Castle. It’s a popular sandwich stop for local office and shop workers, so expect it to be busy at lunchtimes. They also deliver to offices.

There is a good selection of cold fillings, including unexpected combinations (e.g., beef and stilton; peanut butter and sweet chilli chicken; prawns, chicken and bacon) and vegetarian and vegan options, plus hot baguettes with bacon or sausage. There’s a choice of white or brown baguettes, which are crusty rather than soft. The standard baguettes are a very reasonable £2.50, with gourmet baguettes up to £3.50. Panini’s are similarly available with a wide range of tasty fillings; best value being the meat and vegetarian panini of the day (£2.50). Flavour also do a good range of breakfasts and a warming soup option in the winter.

Today, I had a Coronation Chicken baguette and a good-sized latte (total bill £4). I was hungry when I went in, and felt full all afternoon.

Flavour, 34 High Street, Cardiff CF10 1PU

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