Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Change4Life Supermeals Challenge Day 10

I am on Day 10 of my Supermeals Challenge, in which I’m cooking all 14 recipes in the new Change4Life recipe booklet. Most of the dishes have been cooked for evening meals, but I prepared the haddock with cheese and tomato topping for lunch (recipe below).

I used smoked haddock for this recipe, and served it with a bit of salad (including grapes) and buttered bread. I’ll be doing this one again.

The booklet passes on the advice that fish should be eaten twice a week. There’s a fish pie to come.

I like smoked and oily fish for lunch. Typical quick, easy, and omega-3-rich lunches for me include grilled kippers with bread and butter, and a tin of pilchards heated and served on toast. I always have a dollop of horseradish sauce with my oily fish at lunchtime, because I like the combination and it stops the fish repeating all afternoon!

The Change4Life Supermeals booklet offers some lunch tips: Why not eat leftovers from your evening meal as a lunch the following day? When making packed lunches use wholemeal, seeded or granary bread as healthier sandwich choices. When eating out look at the calories information on the menu and choose lower calorie options.

haddock with cheese and tomato topping
The ingredients: vegetable oil, haddock fillets, tomato paste, thinly sliced tomatoes, ground pepper, grated reduced-fat hard cheese.

The method: preheat grill and grease baking sheet. Arrange fish fillets on sheet. Spread on tomato puree. Top with tomatoes and ground pepper, and grated cheese. Grill 6-8 mins (until fish is flaky). Serve with green vegetables and rice or boiled potatoes.

172 kcals per portion.


You still have a few days to register with Change4Life online, before Friday 10 February, to get your own free bilingual Supermeals booklet.

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