Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Beetroot: selected cultivars: Forono

Beetroot: Forono

Grown on the allotment in 2004 in a deep bed

Smooth tankard-shaped ('half-long') roots. Good growth characteristics. Roots push up out of the soil, but can be earthed up to preserve the root's smooth skin.

Forono is excellent for slicing. It consistently scored very highly in our taste tests. A pleasant fresh-tasting, mild but full flavour. Less sweet than many of the globe beetroot tasted.

Forono is a medium to long, tankard-shaped, cylindrical (half-long) beetroot that has a good flavour and yields well. The shoulders of the roots can push up above ground level. The soil should be pushed back against the root to keep a smooth skin. When cooked, Forono produces uniform dark-red slices. It stores well and is good for processing (canning and pickling). It is susceptible to bolting, so is best sown from mid-summer onwards. Its flavour is good, although sometimes described as "earthy".

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