Thursday, 25 August 2011

Festival Food: Cymdu School

Each year at the Green Man Festival, Cwmdu Church in Wales School, located in the nearby village of Cwmdu just outside Crickhowell, sets up its café stall by the gate into the main arena. Volunteers run the stall, which is a fund-raising venture.

The stall is always popular and it's open all around the clock (the Green Man also has a 24 hour bar). This year, I had my usual bacon roll (generously stuffed with bacon) and tea from the stall for breakfast. They also cook a range of locally-produced sausages. Soup is usually available. Along with the teas, coffees and hot chocolate, there is a constant supply of home-made cakes. It’s one of the best-value places to eat at the festival, and the welcome is always very friendly.

When you see this type of stall at a festival, it is indicative of the festival organisers working closely with the local community.

Fiona Stewart, Managing Director of the Green Man Festival, told me in a recent interview: “The support we get from local people has always been brilliant. With so many people coming to the area there is a boost to the economy which is great. We suggest to local business to stock up on the kind of goods that people attending buy each year to optimise opportunities.” She adds: “We think it’s great that Green Man stimulates tourism and boosts the economy”.

Cwmdu School:

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