Friday, 3 June 2011

Hayes Island Snack Bar re-opens

When trams trundled through The Hayes in Cardiff they would stop at the building in the middle of the traffic to pick up and offload parcels. This shed was built in 1911, and has been run as a café for the past sixty years. It is currently operated by local catering company First Cafes.

The snack bar has been closed for the past couple of months for renovation, while a First Cafes Posh Burgers van has been serving customers in The Hayes. The snack bar has now reopened. It serves the same menu, including excellent value breakfasts, sandwiches, bacon rolls etc. The place has been thoroughly modernized inside, and the food does look more appealing as a result.

With outside seating giving a good view of the giant TV screen, it's a good place to catch up on the news and sport headlines on a sunny lunchtime. It's sure to be a popular spot during next year's Olympic Games (which start with a game of woman's football in Cardiff).

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