Friday, 10 June 2011


My survey of budget lunches in Cardiff city centre continued today, with a visit to Baguette-Me-Not on St Mary Street. There is an impressively good range of breakfasts and sandwiches here, with an emphasis on large portions and good value. Grilled meats a speciality. The 20-piece breakfast (“probably the best 20-piece breakfast in Cardiff”) can be yours for £5.95 – and if you manage to finish it you get your next one half-price. This is the no-nonsense end of the Cardiff breakfast/baguette/panini spectrum.

A particular bargain is the baguette-of-the-day, which varies daily (no predictable Subway timetable here). Today’s special was Chinese Chicken: plenty of chicken pieces in a surprisingly pink mayonnaise nicely flavoured with five-spice. The baguette was crusty and fresh, so definitely no complaints for £1.99.

There is some seating inside and tables on the pavement outside, by the perpetual road-works. However, most trade seems to be take-away.

And to drink? Well, that was a free bottle of cold Lipton’s Iced Tea, given away at the top of Churchill Way. This is becoming like a busking spot for food promotions. You can keep up with what’s been given away daily by following Cardiff twitter accounts.
39 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1AD

Note added Oct 2011: Baguette-Me-Not closes.

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