Friday, 30 March 2012

Plastic Bags, Local Shops and DPVC

In October last year, the Welsh Government introduced a scheme whereby retailers must charge 5p for each single-use carrier bag. This has dramatically reduced the use of environmentally-damaging plastic bags and, because the money can be donated to charity, is also helping good causes.

Here in Dinas Powys, a number of local shops have Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern (DPVC) charity boxes on their counters for the 5p bag charge. From October 2011 to February 2012, a total of £250 was collected from these boxes and donated to DPVC. Additional donations have also been made in the boxes, along with money found in the street with no identifiable owner.

The DPVC collection boxes can be found at Valley View Fruit Stores, Mark Griffiths Family Butchers, the Village Stores, TH & L Jones Chemists, The Green Room, Bank of Flowers and Happy Embroidery.

These stores are supportive of the same aims as DPVC. For example, Jan and Tony Mapstone, of Valley View Fruit Stores, and Mark Griffith the butcher deliver to those in the community who are elderly or less mobile, while the chemist collects prescriptions for those who find going out difficult.

I wrote the above for Depend, which is published by DPVC. The newsletter is delivered to every house in Dinas Powys (I have just delivered my bagful to the Murch Crescent area). 

The bag charge money will help DPVC, for example, operate a minibus/ambulance for getting the elderly and infirm to the shops and hospital. DPVC are based at the Resource Centre, Murchfield Community Hall, Dinas Powys. DPVC are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

There is a new website, where you can find out more about DPVC activities. You can download the Dinas Powys Community Directory and soon you’ll be able to read the rest of Depend (navigate to Media, Downloads):

DPVC have also recently joined Twitter: @DPVC

In addition, I tweet about Murchfield Community Hall activities: @murchfield

A previous blog post concerning DPVC:

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