Monday, 18 April 2011

Krispy Kreme Cardiff Launch Party

I took Juliet along to the Krispy Kreme Cardiff Launch Party tonight. We got there as it opened at 5.30pm and she got a lot of attention, being the only child amongst the invitation-only after-work VIPs.

We worked our way through the doughnut menu. Juliet’s favourite was the Chocolate Dreamcake, mine was the Lemon Meringue. The Cookies and Cream was different, with an almost biscuit texture in the ring topped with cream and chocolate chips; probably the one to go for if you’re really hungry. We also sampled the Maple ring, the Butterscotch Fudge, and the Strawberries and Cream. They seemed to get progressively sweeter!

Krispy Crème are doing a few Easter specials – we had a Chocolate ring with additional Easter Eggs in the middle. I passed on the Cinnamon Apple, as I usually go for them when I encountered a Krispy Cream Coffee Bar, and the Original Glazed, which they have been giving away for weeks in the city centre.

We washed the doughnuts down with the orange juice rather than the champagne. Picasso Griffiths, the cartooning artist, drew both our pictures, while Juliet was photographed for the Krispy Kreme Facebook page. She left with colouring book, balloon, and chef’s hat, and was fairly hyper.

The shop opens for business at 10am tomorrow morning. They have done a very good job raising awareness, although it was not exactly a tough sell - shoppers at St David’s 2, surveyed after it opened, named Krispy Kreme as one of the additional brands they would most like to see come to the centre. But will they still get queues around the block now that the good people of Cardiff have to pay for their doughnuts?

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  1. Yes, there were still queues around the block when Krispy Kreme opened for business: