Friday, 28 January 2011

Blood Donation Biscuits

This morning I opened the Murchfield Community Hall in Dinas Powys, where I am Coordinator, for the Welsh Blood Service. I was back a while later to donate blood. Stocks of blood are low at the moment (a session in December here was cancelled due to bad weather). Do think about donating.

One of the good things about giving blood is the drink and biscuits afterwards. This morning, there was a choice of five Brontë Biscuit flavours – Fruit Shrewsbury, Choco Chip, Viennese Fingers, Shortcake Oat and Golden Crunch - and a stray Penguin. I had a cup of tea and a couple of Viennese Fingers. Biscuits rarely taste better than after you have given blood.

The Brontë Minipack range is baked by Paterson Arran (The Royal Burgh Bakery, Livingston EH54 5DN Scotland) especially for the catering and hospitality industries. The Welsh Blood Service buy Traditional Assorted Minipacks.

Blood donation

Murchfield Community Hall


  1. I've always thought of donating blood as an admirably public-spirited act and the nice selection of biccies afterwards is a charming touch. And people just go out and do it without being exhorted by all this Big Society nonsense. Good on you.

    I'm slightly ashamed to say I've never given blood. It's not that I don't want to, but unfotunately, I can't do stuff involving blood and needles without passing out. Even the few drops involved in a blood sample leaves me unconscious and white-faced, so what Tony Handcock described as 'an armful' is my personal nightmare.

    I would still give it a go if it was only the fainting, but the clammy feeling of nausea in brief period before I pass out is one of the most unpleasant sensations I've ever experienced, so I'm afraid I won't be down at my local blood clinic any time soon.

    It's extremely frustating, because the minor pain of the needle doesn't bother me and my rational mind knows that the quantities of blood involved aren't excessive, but the wave of nausea followed by oblivion creeps up on me every time, nonetheless.

    A sense of public obligation, wild horses or even an uncommonly good selection of biscuits couldn't persuade me to join you in this one, I'm afraid. Sorry.

  2. This is really great overall, this is the best blog. A blood donation occurs when a person voluntarily has blood drawn and used for transfusions.