Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Riverside, Cardiff

We are in Riverside, on a walking tour of Cardiff. Previously, I left you at the end of Lower Cathedral Road, at the junction with Despenser Street. Carry straight on, down Clare Street.

On your right:

Wynford Hotel
1-5 Clare Street CF11 6BD (2037 1983)
Home of Rumours Nightclub (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Aug 2012).

At the Clare Street, Tudor Street and Clare Road junction, turn right and walk down Tudor Street (if you went straight the road turns into Clare Road, goes under a railway bridge, and into Grangetown – a later part of this tour).

On your right:

J.K. Halal Foods
78 Tudor Street CF11 6AL (2022 3527)
(Food Hygiene Rating 2: improvement necessary. Oct 2012).

Hung House
80 Tudor Street CF11 6AL (2023 5152)
Take-away: Chinese and Thai (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. May 2011).

Further along, Tudor Street turns into Ninian Park Road:

Shahan Halal Food Store
24 Ninian Park Road CF11 6JA (2039 9260)
(Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. June 2012).

Federation of City Farms & Community Gardens (FCFCG)
46 Ninian Park Road CF11 6JA (2022 5942)
The South East Wales Office of the FCFCG, which advises, supports and promotes community-managed food-growing projects. In Wales, they are currently delivering a 3-year programme called Tyfu Pobl/Growing People with funding, via the Rural Development Plan of Wales, from the Welsh Assembly and the EU. Work here overlaps with that of the Riverside Community Market Association (RCMA).

Ninian Park Road carries on to a junction with Leckwith Road, Wellington Road and Lansdowne Road (we will be there later in this tour). Turn around at this point and walk back down Tudor Road to the Clare Street/Clare Road junction. Head toward the City Centre, with the north side of Tudor Street (and the food businesses) now on your left:

66 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ (2066 6090)
Take-away: Indian cuisine (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Feb 2013).

64 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ (2034 1100)
Take-away: pizza.

A newsagent/off-licence.

Alborz Grill
56 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ
Take-away, restaurant and shisha garden (Food Hygiene Rating 0: urgent improvement necessary. Aug 2012).

Royal Spice and Grill
54 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ (2037 3366)
Take-away: fish and chips, grilled food.

Al Islah Foods
52 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ (2238 8311)
(Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Oct 2010).

Ocean Palace
48 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ (2038 8311)
Chinese take-away and restaurant (Food Hygiene Rating 0: urgent improvement necessary. Sept 2012).

Riverside Cantonese
44 Tudor Street CF11 6AH
Chinese restaurant and take-away.

China Supermarket
32-34 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ
(Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. Oct 2012).

Eastern Chinese Supermarket
26 Tudor Street CF11 6AJ

Past the Health Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (4 Tudor Street) you will soon be at Fitzhamon Embankment, to your left:

Riverside Farmers’ Market
Fitzhamon Embankment CF11 6AN
Along here every Sunday between 10am and 2pm is the Riverside Farmers’ Market, operated by RCMA Farmers’ Markets. This is one of Wales’ oldest and most popular Farmers' Markets. It was established in 1998 by Steve Garrett. Each week, you’ll find around 40 stalls offering locally-grown produce and food from around the world. Its success has spawned others around Cardiff (Roath, Rhiwbina and Llandaff North); and the Riverside Market Garden in St. Hilary, ten miles west of Cardiff, which grows food for the markets, restaurants and a vegetable box scheme. The Food Blog has visited the market before (selected links below) and doubtless will again.

Further along the embankment, walking parallel to the Millennium Stadium on the other side of the River Taff:

Pen yr Enfys
53 Fitzhamon Embankment CF11 6AN
Citizen’s Advice Bureau and residential services. Now opening its café to co-incide with Riverside Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Oct 2011).

Nos Da
55-59 Despenser Street CF11 6AG
Youth hostel-style accommodation, with a riverside bar (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Jan 2013).

Despenser Street connects back from Nos Da to Clare Street.

Walk back to the start of Fitzhamon Embankment, to the seed-inspired sculptures here with food plants engraved around their bases.

I will leave you crossing the bridge over the River Taff, to the Millennium Stadium and the Vue cinema complex. It’s time to find out if there is anything to eat in Cardiff City Centre.

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