Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tesco Express Dinas Powys: Day 266

The impact of a Tesco Express opening in Dinas Powys is being monitored on this blog. It’s Day 266 (6 Sept 2012) and the first shop has closed as a direct result of competition with Tesco.

The Spar convenience store on the opposite end of The Parade shops in Castle Drive closed for the final time last night. It has been trading from this site for around 40 years. The Spar was locally owned and run. Less of Tesco’s profits will remain in the village.

Tesco created between 20 and 25 jobs when they opened. With the closure of Spar, 14 jobs have been lost. Job creation claims by large supermarket operators should be viewed in the light of possible job losses elsewhere in a community.

266 days may sound like a long time, but it’s not really because closures often coincide with lease renewals. Ultimately, the Spar could not compete with a modern Tesco Express. The Spar looked dated in comparison to Tesco, for instance, and did not have an effective enough strategy to compete.

The closure of Spar is not overly surprising, but the shuttered empty unit is a very sad sight.

There are many independent local businesses in Dinas Powys: butcher, greengrocer, pharmacy, florist and others. Use them or lose them folks.

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