Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Albany Road, Cardiff

We are in Roath, on a walking tour of Cardiff.

In a previous post, we walked up the City Road and I abandoned you at the junction of that road with Richmond Road, Crwys Road, Mackintosh Place and Albany Road. Today, we are heading down Albany Road to see what's cooking.
Turning right from City Road, the even numbers are on your right (south) and the odd numbers on your left (north).

Royal Junction
3 Albany Road CF24 3LH
Confectioners and Deli, selling milkshakes, ice creams and sweets, including Mushtaq's Sweets (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. Aug 2012).
9 Albany Road CF24 3LH
A coffee shop that curiously refers to itself as a savoury bar; serving breakfast, lunch and sandwiches (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. June 2012).

On the other corner of Albany Road and Inverness Place:
Tesco Metro

11-17 Albany Road CF24 3LH

There has been a Tesco on this site since the 1970s, when this would have been about the average size of a Tesco store (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. Nov 2011).
Albany Road Market Garden
19 Albany Road CF24 3LH (2047 7833)
Small greengrocer next to Tesco selling large range of fresh fruit and vegetables.

On the corner of the next side-street, Arabella Street:
The Andrew Buchan
29 Albany Road CF24 3LH
Opened last month (Sept 2012), this real ale bar is Rhymney Brewery's first pub in Cardiff. The full range of Rhymney ales on tap (I had a Hobby Horse today). No food served. The aim is to fashion an “old-fashioned local”. Andrew Buchan was the manager of the original Rhymney Brewery (founded 1839).
Christine (my partner) lived in the next-door house along Arabella Street as a student in the 1980s.
On the other corner of Albany Road and Arabella Street:

33 Albany Road CF24 3LJ

The Albany Road outlet of this ubiquitous sandwich shop chain (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Oct 2010).
Benny's Chicken

10 Albany Road CF24 3RP
Takeaway: Fried chicken, burgers and chips. Late-night opening (Food Hygiene Rating 2: improvement necessary. May 2011).
Albany Fish Bar
18 Albany Road CF24 3RQ (2048 2022)
Fish and chip takeaway. AFB has a good claim to being Cardiff's most popular and highly rated fish and chip shop. Regularly wins awards (e.g., Quality Awards from the National Federation of Fish Friers). Also does deep-fried sausages etc, but focuses on doing a limited menu well (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Oct 2010).
Thresher Wine Shop
38 Albany Road CF24 3RQ

The first side-street on the right (blocked to traffic) is called Plasnewydd. There is a detour down Plasnewydd at this point, past the side of Albany Primary School and across Straithnairn and Glenroy Streets, to Keppoch Street.


Mackintosh Sports Centre and Residents Community Centre
38 Keppoch Street CF24 3JW
Roath Farmers Market is held here every Saturday (9.30am-1pm). Deri Reed (The Ethical Chef) is shortly to open a restaurant in the building. A Community Garden is also being established.

Next door, to the right:
The Gate
Keppoch Street CF24 3JW (2048 3344)

The Gate Arts and Community Centre is housed in a hundred year-old Grade II listed church building (formally the Plasnewydd Presbyterian Church). The complex opened in 2004 and includes a concert hall, a dance studio, two exhibition spaces, and the Mad Hatters Café Bar (located in the original church schoolroom dating from 1896). Mad Hatters Catering Ltd was set up in 2001. It is now based here and they also run the café bar. Breakfast, light lunches and evening meals; children’s menu and children’s toy box. Unsold sandwiches from the catering business are sold for £1 (today I had a ham one with a coffee). Bottled beers at the bar. Regular café bar events include Jazz Café, Science Café, Theology Café and Philosophy Café nights (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. April 2011).

Return to Albany Road, back along Plasnewydd. Opposite is Donald Street:
Central Perk

2 Donald Street CF24 4TU

Coffee house just off Albany Road (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. Aug 2012).
Continue along Albany Road.
Coffee #1

85 Albany Road CF24 3LP (2048 5656)
On the corner with Alfred Street is one of The Cardiff Brewery's (i.e., Brains) first coffee shop ventures in Cardiff, opened in 2001. There are currently six Coffee #1 in Cardiff, offering a superior and local coffee bar experience to Starbucks, Costa et al. (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Oct 2011).
Right, opposite the Angus Street junction:
Café Sereno

68 Albany Road CF24 3RS (2045 2332)
Café and takeaway: all-day British breakfast, Italian lunches and evening meals, especially pasta and pizza dishes. Live music with pianist on occasion. Licensed with a beer garden out back (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. Jan 2012).
Zio Pin
74 Albany Road CF24 3RS (2048 5673)
Family-run Italian restaurant and pizzeria, established over 40 years ago. In addition to pasta and pizza dishes, traditional meat and fish mains, extensive dessert menu (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Jan 2012).
Bo Zan
78 Albany Road CF24 3RS (2049 3617)
Chinese restaurant, specializing in all-you-can-eat buffet (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Oct 2011).
Tandoori Mahal
98 Albany Road CF24 3RT (2049 1500)

Indian Restaurant and takeaway, serving tandoori, balti and much more besides (Food Hygiene Rating 2: improvement necessary. Nov 2011).
La Mina Juice Bar
100 Albany Road CF24 3RT (2048 8873)

Takeaway and sandwich delivery service (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Nov 2010).

On the junction of Albany Road with Wellfield Road is The Pear Tree (a Brain's café bar with a Wellfield Road address, so we’ll come to it shortly).
La Trattoria Molisana
Units 11-13 The Globe Centre, Albany Road CF24 3PE (2047 1562)

Italian restaurant (Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Jan 2012).

China Town
108 Albany Road CF24 3NT (2038 8888)
Chinese takeaway. Formerly China Kitchen Chop Suey House (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Feb 2012).
Route 66

Albany Road CF24 3NS
American-themed sandwich bar.
The Globe
125 Albany Road CF24 3NS
One of Cardiff's best live music venues. Bar. No food served.
Next door to The Globe:
Hungry Harveys (127 Albany Road CF24 3NS. Food Hygiene Rating 5: very good. Feb 2012) is currently closed.

120 Albany Road CF24 3RU (2049 3031)
Restaurant and takeaway serving Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, including Spanish tapas, Italian meat dishes, pasta, shish kebab, falafel, tiramisu; good vegetarian options (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. Feb 2011).
Punitha's Restaurant incorporating the Tiffin Corner Café and takeaway (131 Albany Road CF24 3NS. Food Hygiene Rating 0: urgent improvement necessary. Aug 2012) appears to be currently closed.
Noble House
133 Albany Road CF24 3NT (2049 3490)
Chinese takeaway established in 1990, offering Peking and Cantonese dishes (Food Hygiene Rating 0: urgent improvement necessary. Aug 2012).
157/159 Albany Road CF24 3NT (2048 5757)
Indian and Bangladeshi restaurant, of the "fine Indian dining" variety. Interesting menu, and recommended for vegetarians (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. Feb 2012).
Happy House
163 Albany Road CF24 3NT (2046 3388)
Chinese takeaway (Food Hygiene Rating 2: improvement necessary. June 2012).
Albany Pizza
132 Albany Road CF24 3RU (2048 4145)
Takeaway pizza.
132a Albany Road CF24 3RU (2045 2708)
Takeaway Indian (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. Jan 2012).

Pizza 2 Night
134b Albany Road CF24 3RU (2049 6655)
Takeaway pizza (Food Hygiene Rating 3: generally satisfactory. Feb 2012).

167 Albany Road CF24 3NT (2046 3333)
Sushi and noodle restaurant. The original Ichiban is on Cardiff’s Cowbridge Road East; this is the second branch. Authentic cuisine and noted for its seafood. Ichiban apparently means “number one” and this is probably the best Japanese food to be had in Cardiff (Food Hygiene Rating 4: good. Feb 2012).
Right, across Claude Place:
The Claude
140 Albany Road CF24 3RW (2049 3896)
Large pub, built in 1890, owned by Greene King. Meaty menu, focusing on steaks and carvery (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. May 2012).

Albany Road continues on from here to Newport Road. However, we will leave it here. Cross the road to the junction with Pen-y-Lan Road.

Café Rios
2 Pen-y-Lan Road CF24 3PF (20115 5949)
Independently-owned coffee shop, opened in 2011, which acts as a meeting point for Cardiff's Brazilian community (Food Hygiene Rating 1: major improvement necessary. April 2012).

Walk up the residential Pen-y-Lan Road and I'll see you next week on Wellfield Road!

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