Monday, 7 May 2012

Daiquiri’s Mexican Restaurant, Cardiff

Sherman Cymru reopened after major refurbishment in February. Their impressive theatre programme has seen us making frequent trips to Cathays (most recently for Clytemnestra). Therefore, this post starts a strand looking at pre-Sherman eating options. Last Friday we ate at Daiquiri’s on Salisbury Road.

Daiquiri’s is a Mexican Restaurant (that also does take-away) in the heart of the student area of Cathays, just a couple of minutes walk from Sherman Cymru. It opens evenings only (5.30pm-10pm Monday-Saturday). When we arrived it was nearly empty, but most of the tables were reserved. However, the reservations were mainly for groups, so some smaller tables, including the one by the window, were free. The place was packed by the time we left at around 7pm.

Décor is bright and welcoming, with good use made of mirrors. A collection of oversize tourist sombreros adorns the walls.

Food is ordered at the bar. Cocktails (and daiquiris) are a speciality. An after-work birthday party had arrived just before us and were downing what looked like Tequila Slammers, with worms. I hasten to add that the customers supplied their own worms (in a dodgy-looking bottle maybe bought on a Mexican holiday) - not the Daiquiri’s barman. As I once worked as an entomologist, I feel duty-bound to note here that the worms are technically caterpillars of Hypopta agavis.

The menu at Daiquiri’s comprises Starters (e.g., various Nachos), Mexican Dishes (Enchilada, Chimichanga, Tacos, Burrito), Mexican Sizzlers (beef, chicken, vegetarian and shrimp Fajitas), Mexican Paella (vegetarian, chicken and seafood – the latter with plenty of mussels by the look of it), Chargrills (steak, salmon and chicken breast), Gourmet Burgers, and Desserts.

I went for the Chicken Tacos, washed down with a San Miguel, while my partner had the Beef Burrito with an orange juice. There was change from a £20 note.

The twin Chicken Tacos were topped with melted cheese and sour cream. They were served on rice with salad garnish. Portion size was substantial (no danger of leaving here hungry) and the food mildly spicy (just enough chilli to get your brain into that slightly euphoric “must have another mouthful” zone). I like the creamy textures in this sort of Mexican food (e.g., refried beans, guacamole and sour cream) and could have no complaints on that score.

Beef Burrito comprised beef chilli and re-fried beans in a flour tortilla, topped with melted cheese and sour cream, served on a bed of rice with salad garnish. It looked good and I think on taste slightly edged the Chicken Tacos. 

Some Fajitas were served nearby, with suitably theatrical sizzling and steam. I'll probably go for one of those next time.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not fine dining. It is, as they say on their website, “unpretentious wholesome food”. We were looking for a bite to eat before a play, and ended up having a very enjoyable dining experience.

49 Salisbury Road
Cathays, Cardiff CF24 4AD
029 20344 807

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