Monday, 2 May 2011

IKEA, Cardiff

Ah, the May Day bank holiday, when people traditionally assemble on village greens to dance around the Maypole. Today, they flock to IKEA.

The cafe in IKEA Cardiff is always bustling. You can eat well on a tight budget here: whether it's the 99p cooked breakfast, the £1.50 fish and chips, or the "signature dishes" of meatballs or lox.

I like coming to IKEA every couple of months to stock up on Swedish foodstuffs for a change. Today it was frozen meatballs, sprat fillets (Abba of Sweden - no not ABBA), herrings in mustard sauce, and some Swedish cheeses. Other specialist items include lingonberry (jam and juice), sliced smoked reindeer, cured salmon (lox), rye crackers, and dill sauce for fish.

IKEA also sell furniture.

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