Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The mussels at Ashton's

I am cooking pasta with seafood and smoked salmon in a cream sauce tonight, so dropped by Ashton’s in Cardiff’s covered market. After choosing the prawns, I looked across to where the mussels should have been, but to my surprise they were not there. I liked buying mussels here out of their tall flow-through tank. Now they are in a dry tray, which wasn’t the same. Something has been lost. Apparently, Environmental Health inspectors have told Ashton’s they can no longer display their mussels in this way.

E. Ashton Fishmongers Ltd has operated from Cardiff’s indoor market since 1890. The business has had only three owners in 200 years. Since 1973, the business has been owned by the Adams family, with the present management being fifth generation fishmongers. Fourth-generation owner John James Adams was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) in this year’s New Year’s Honours List “for services to the fishing industry in south Wales”. The fish stall has long been renowned for the freshness and quality of its produce.

The Ashton’s website lists the impressive range of wet fish, shellfish, smoked fish, and poultry and game they sell, along with some recipes.

Ashton's Fishmongers, Central Market, Cardiff CF10 2AU

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